All stakeholders involved in the development, endorsement and implementation of this strategy agree to work collaboratively on the goals, values and principles that align with the intent of the strategy.  


The stakeholder protocols listed in this strategy recognise and build on the foundation work between the agreeing parties and state the roles and responsibilities of each in working together.

  • Act and work together in good faith and provide full information to each other in relation to all relevant business development activities delivered across the Bowen Basin.

  • Act independently, but cooperate closely and work together with the other parties in mutual respect and support. 

  • Not unreasonably delay any action, approval, direction, determination or decision required under this protocol.  

  • Seek to avoid duplication and overlap of responsibilitiesand functions.

  • Stakeholders


For the purpose of this strategy, stakeholders are defined as primary, secondary or tertiary.

  • Primary – provide direct ‘on the ground’ support to business communities

  • Secondary - provide indirect support to business communities by supporting the organisations that support business communities.

  • Tertiary – provide no direct or indirect support but endorse and promote the strategy and its intent.

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