The Why?

The Bowen Basin Business Development Initiative is designed to provide a strategic and structured approach to regional business development through the sharing of resources and capabilities. This initiative is being delivered through the Bowen Basin Business Development Strategy which will provide a framework for organisations and key stakeholders to assist in the planning and delivery of business development activities.


The Bowen Basin Business Development Strategy is based on the principles that all businesses require:

  • Nine core business skills, with

  • Three stages of development within each skill, and

  • Businesses are operating as either Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) or both.


The Strategy recognises that business development activities that work best for small business are based on business skills they have identified they need assistance with, and are delivered at a convenient time and venue. The strategy addresses theassessment of individual business skill development needs (through benchmarking activities) and recognises the need to source appropriate presenters and coaches to deliver business development activities. It recognises the needs of small businesses, through a strategic and collaborative approach.


A critical component of the strategy is the continual ‘mapping’ of all current business development activities across Central Highlands and Isaac regions to ensure all business support organisations are maximising resources and opportunities in all communities. It is essential that business support organisations consult the 2015 activity map before offering business development activities which can be accessed through the BBBDI Steering Committee -


Through a collaborative approach to the delivery of business development activities across the Bowen Basin, businesses will benefit from increased targeted opportunities to improve their business skills

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